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Brain & Mind Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Center (BMDRC) committed to provide neurology and psychology rehabilitation services with difference under the supervision of Dr. Atif Saeed Anjum (MBBS, DCN, MSE, DHMT, (DRCD), Masters of Psychology, PGD HYPNOTHERAPY & NLP Pediatric & Adult Neurologist, Neuropsychologist, Rehabilitation Counselor, Special Educator & Lecturer of Neurosciences).

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Committed to provide Neurology and Psychology Services with difference to the clients weather affording or non-affording, who are suffering from diverse range of Neuropsychological disorders. BMDRC multidisciplinary team of professional which belongs from diverse specialties is following this mission by serving true free of cost services to deprived clients irrespective of race, religion and ethnic belonging. Mission of BMDRC is always evolving in accordance with client’s therapeutic needs.


Application of neuropsychological concepts, ideas and theories in interventions applied for care and cure of clients attending various facilities of BMDRC. Similarly all multidisciplinary team of professionals will follow the ethical practices, including autonomy, privacy and confidentiality while providing with professional services to client. The professionals of BMDRC are also using updated neurosciences techniques to provide required interventions according to need of clients.


Provision of quality but cost-effective services to clients requiring services of various domains of neurosciences who are reaching BMDRC. Similarly this center will be in forefront in delivering free of cost neuropsychological services to poor and under privileged clients attending any domain of BMDRC. Dedicated Volunteers of BMDRC has eager to serve and oblige needy clients who visit the center, but their socioeconomic status is not appropriate to pay expenses of therapies they need.

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